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The 7th edition of the Napa Vintage Report

In its seventh year, the 2016 Napa Vintage Report brought together the most innovative and scientific minds to discuss the most recent vintage. With local plant data the focus of the discussion, the Vintage Report dissected the previous harvest and explained results from a climatic and plant physiological perspective. This analysis was facilitated by in-the-field experiences shared by an incredible community of vineyard managers, winemakers, and scientists. Throughout this conference the Vintage Report created a unique experience by showcasing the incredible innovations and scientific discoveries in the fields of viticulture and enology.

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Growing and maintaining vineyard performance at the highest standards of quality require a profound respect for nature combined with skillful observations and precise monitoring techniques. Tracking fruit and plant developmental stages year after year is a very natural thing to do for any winegrower willing to reveal what makes a vineyard site unique. Today, new information sources combined with scientific progress offer an unprecedented opportunity to deepen such understanding.

By focusing on plant-based measurements, we gain genuine insight into what gives each vintage and each region its distinctive character. By analyzing the footprint of the vineyard’s seasonal response, we are able to refine our appreciation of fruit composition resulting from plant, soil, and climate conditions. As this new knowledge becomes available, our practices and ability to make better wines also improve. Ultimately, adopting a year-round, plant-based approach is the only way to uncover, at least partly, how exceptional vineyards lead to exceptional wines. The benefits of this holistic approach will enhance our ability to anticipate trends in vineyard performance throughout contrasting vintages. For these reasons, the Vintage Report is truly a one of a kind opportunity for our industry.

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