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“The potential of this approach is huge for improving wine quality.”

Michel Rolland

“This is the edge of what innovation is.”

Antonio Galloni

“Excellent”, “Very worthwhile”,
“The best event of the year.”


“900+ satisfied attendees and counting!”


“World renowned speakers.”


“A conference held on 2 continents.”


Connecting Terroir and Innovation

Bordeaux 2015

Pour la 5ème année, la Conférence du Millésime se tiendra à Bordeaux. Le millésime 2015 se distingue par des températures largement au-dessus des moyennes saisonnières et des pluies inégalement réparties dans le temps. Ceci soulève plusieurs questions :
  • Quel est l’impact d’une période de sécheresse accompagnée de vagues de chaleur sur la physiologie de la vigne et la qualité œnologique des raisins ?
  • Les pluies de septembre ont elles diminué significativement la qualité du millésime 2015 ?
La Conférence du Millésime 2015 vous donnera la chance d’échanger et de discuter des caractéristiques clés de la saison passée en compagnie d’experts, de vignerons et d’œnologues.

Napa 2015

For the 6th year in the beautiful Napa Valley, the Vintage Report Conference returned to bring the most innovative and scientific minds together to discuss the most recent vintage. With local plant data at the focal point of discussion, the Vintage Report Conference aimed at dissecting and explaining the past vintage by looking at the impact on plant and fruit. Presentations on climatic and physiological data throughout the day facilitated discussion among this incredible community of vineyard managers, winemakers, and scientists. Through this conference we created a unique experience for all by showcasing the incredible innovation and scientific discovery in the fields of viticulture and enology.

Paso Robles 2015

Paso Robles
Returning for the second year to the Central Coast, the Vintage Report hosted winemakers, vineyard managers and top scientists from the greater Paso Robles region who are leading the way in leveraging scientific ideas and innovation. How can the highest quality grapes be grown while preserving precious resources in a region affected by intense heat waves and water scarcity? What physiological links exist between climate, plant and fruit? These are the types of information filled discussions the Vintage Report is renowned for. The 2015 vintage in Paso Robles was presented and deciphered, while prominent scientist broadened perspectives by presenting the latest research findings as they applied to the vintage.

Narbonne 2015

The Vintage Report will be organized for the fourth year in Narbonne to present the latest innovations and scientific advances in viticulture and enology. The conference will offer an unparalleled experience to characterize the specificities of the past vintage. Unique, local climatic and physiological data will be presented and discussed with a community of vineyard managers, winemakers and scientists.

The Vintage Report offers a one-of-a-kind platform to foster sustainability and innovation in viticulture and enology.

This unique event is based on local data in order to thoughtfully respect what makes the “local terroir” so specific and so unique.

By gathering winemakers and scientists in the same room, Vintage Report creates a spark to bring new ideas to the forefront and improve the industry as a whole.

Vintage Report aims at combining scientific results with empirical knowledge and experience. It is the first event that gives the opportunity to vintners to look back at the vintage, discuss all the events of the season and learn from others in the industry.

Vintage Report provides a forum to learn about cutting-edge research and techniques to improve the practice of winemaking.

The Vintage Report has become the must-attend event for high-end wineries.

By sponsoring the conference, you get the privileged opportunity to connect in a highly qualitative way with the industry’s leading decision-makers among those who are very open to innovation and interested in adopting new technologies.

You also gain exposure through our 360º marketing plan including PR, invitations (more than 5,000 sent each year), marketing collateral, onsite event representation. Contact us for more information.

Ask the winemakers

Conférence du Millésime Bordeaux 2014 - Stéphane de Renoncourt
Vintage Report Napa 2014 - Christian Moueix
Vintage Report Napa 2013 - Cameron Vawter
Vintage Report Napa 2011 - Michel Rolland
Vintage Report Napa 2012 - Antonio Galloni

Latest news

Vintage Report Innovation Award highlights need for new irrigation techniques

Partnering with Fruition Sciences, the annual award encourages innovators to develop new cultivation methods using limited resources, most notably water.

Gallo/IBM receive 2014 Vintage Report Innovation Award

The winner of the award was a prototype irrigation system developed by the collaboration of E. & J. Gallo and the IBM Corp. It takes the concept of the Internet of Things and demonstrates how it can affect vineyard yield where soil conditions are variable.

2014 Vintage Report Innovation Award goes to irrigation project by E&J Gallo and IBM

While the original intent of this project may have been to decrease vineyard variability, it had the beneficial side-effect of decreasing water usage.