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“The potential of this approach is huge for improving wine quality.”

Michel Rolland

“This is the edge of what innovation is.”

Antonio Galloni

“Excellent”, “Very worthwhile”,
“The best event of the year.”


“900+ satisfied attendees and counting!”


“World renowned speakers.”


“A conference held on 2 continents.”


Connecting Terroir and Innovation

Bordeaux 2017

24 days left
Pour la 7ème année consécutive, la Conférence du Millésime se tiendra à la célèbre Cité du Vin de Bordeaux. Le millésime 2017 aura marqué les esprits par sa climatologie imprévisible et atypique. Comment oublier la vague de gel fin avril qui a frappé une grande partie de la Nouvelle Aquitaine ?
Episode d’autant plus inattendu, qu’il fut précédé et suivi de températures anormalement élevées pour la saison. Enfin, après un été mitigé, plutôt chaud parsemé de pluies, le mois de septembre rompt la tendance chaude du millésime par ses influences automnales. Ces conditions météo en dents de scie remettent en cause nos pratiques viticoles et suscitent de nombreuses interrogations :
  • Gel et réchauffement climatique : un paradoxe?
  • Que pouvons-nous faire avant et après un épisode de gel?
  • Rendement, qualité, pérennité que savons-nous aujourd’hui de l’impact du gel sur nos vignobles?
Des intervenants de toute la France tenteront de répondre au mieux à ces questions en l’illustrant d’exemples concrets.

Napa 2017

60 days left
In its 8th year, the Vintage Report will once again return to the Napa Valley to discuss the main highlights of the 2017 season. An exceptionally wet winter followed by the warmest temperatures on record has set the stage for extreme vine response and ripening conditions. The intensity of heat waves have shaped and sometimes slowed down the 2017 maturation profiles. The late-season wildfires gave a tragic end to an already challenging vintage. During the Vintage Report, we will take a scientific look at the 2017 season in Napa and observe its consequences on vineyard performance. We will review the effect of climate on plant development and discuss how this impacts vine and fruit physiology. A novel analysis of ripening dynamics will shed light on berry chemical changes and the effect of harvest timing on wine composition. We will also discuss implications of smoke-related issues as well as different color extraction techniques on wine composition. Come to meet other winemakers and winegrowers and discuss these topics at the 2017 Napa Vintage Report!

Paso Robles 2017

73 days left
Paso Robles
The 2017 Paso Robles Vintage Report will take place at the epicenter of one the world’s fastest growing wine regions--the California Central Coast. Winegrowers from across the region will come to this event to expand their understanding of how to make terroir specific wines and how technology can help achieve this goal. The Vintage Report will showcase shared field data to transform best-practices that improve wine quality and develop innovative methods to manage site-specific terroir. The 2017 Paso Robles Vintage Report is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the previous year’s growing season and connect to a community of the brightest minds in viticulture and enology.

Oregon 2017

81 days left
In its inaugural year, the Oregon Vintage Report will kick-off in McMinnville Oregon. The Vintage Report will partner with ETS Laboratories in order to deliver this half day event. Throughout the day presentations will be given on exciting techniques to grow terroir driven wines. Attendees of the Oregon Vintage Report will have the chance to take an in-depth, data-driven look at how the Willamette Valley’s climate is ideal for growing burgundian varietals. The seminar will attract a new breed of wine practitioners looking to develop a science based approach to winemaking. The Oregon Vintage Report will be an excellent opportunity to learn from the previous year’s growing season and look forward to the 2018 vintage.

Sonoma 2017

109 days left
Data delivered from a shared perspective can change the course of how we manage and grow terroir driven wines. After our inaugural year in Sonoma County, we learned that there is a definitive need to build on this approach in the world’s most dynamic wine growing region. Coming back for the second year, the 2017 Sonoma Vintage Report aims to expand our understanding of terroir, and transform consensus that innovative technologies have the ability to reveal a vineyard site’s unique footprint. Come for discussions into this topic, a deep dive into the 2017 vintage, and the opportunity to connect and learn from a community of the region’s brightest minds in viticulture.

The Vintage Report stems from the need to encourage sustainable and efficient vineyard practices. We believe education will lead the way to inspiring new ideas and fostering better practices in the wine industry.

The Vintage Report provides a forum for industry leaders to dive into cutting-edge research and enhanced viticultural techniques to improve the practice of winemaking.

The event combines cutting-edge scientific results with empirical vineyard practice.

During the event vintners have the opportunity to reflect on the previous vintage, discuss major trends of the season and learn from others within the industry.

The Vintage Report has become a must-attend event for the most influential wineries in Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Narbonne and Paso Robles.

As the Vintage Report is dedicated to providing a dialogue for a higher level of innovation in the wine industry, many of the conference’ attendees are dedicated to adopting new technologies.

By sponsoring an individual event or a combination of conferences, your company or institution will gain the opportunity to connect with the industry's leading decision-makers. Furthermore, event sponsors gain exposure to all attendees through the event’s marketing and communications initiatives, and have the opportunity to attend the event. Contact us for more information.

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