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The 1st edition of the Sonoma Vintage Report

In its inaugural year, the 2016 Sonoma Vintage Report brought together the North Coast’s foremost winemakers, scientists and vineyard managers to reflect on the most recent harvest. Discussions covered at the event included a focus on climatic conditions most important to vintners on the North Coast. With this, we dove into topics regarding plant physiology, light penetration and fruit tannin sensorial properties. All presentations associated the industry’s leading best-practices and supplemented these findings with local plant data. Throughout this one-day event the Vintage Report created a unique experience by showcasing the incredible innovations and scientific discoveries in the fields of viticulture and enology.

The Vintage Report is proud to donate all ticketing proceeds to PDI Surgery Center in support of their mission to provide education and safe surgical dental treatment---regardless of ability to pay---to low-income Northern California children who suffer the pain of severe tooth decay and require surgery under anesthesia.