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8.00 am
Registration and breakfast
8.30 am

Welcome Introduction and Keynote

9.00 am

2013 Vintage Description and Analysis of Vintage Effect on Vine Physiology and Maturation

Stonestreet Wines

Understanding Vineyard Variation Through Data and Strategies of Implementation

Cut grape berry

Pre-harvest Irrigation Dilutes Grape Quality. Really?

Fruition Sciences Graph

An Overview of Climate, Vegetative Growth and Vineyard Variability in 2013

Fruition Sciences temperature map

Use of a Network of Temperature Sensors to Characterize Frost Events and Terroir

10.40 am
Coffee Break
10.55 am

2013 Effect on Berry and Wine Composition


Vigor Effects on Grape Maturation

Fruition Sciences Graph

Effect of Vine Water Deficit on Maturation Profiles in 2013

11.45 am

Panel of Winemakers and Vineyard Managers

12.30 pm
2.00 pm

Forward Thinking: Innovation, Technology and Viticulture

Cut grape berry

Precision Agriculture and the Role of Information Technology

Cut grape berry

A Climate of Uncertainty: Growing Seasons and Water Supply

2.40 pm

Announcement of the Vintage Report Innovation Award Winner

presented by Bank of the West

3.20 pm


3.30 pm

Wine Tasting